Still Some Fight In Winter

When someone glances back at the almanac data for today in a 100 years or so, they’ll say.."wow, another warm day in Boston, some rain with temps in the 50s"….While that will be technically true, Boston only spent about 5 hours in the 50s, the rest of the day those temps went on a slide, slide, slippity- slide ending up in the low 30s by evening. Yup, an arctic front came blasting through here midday, sending the rain out to sea but also kicking the 50 degree temps out of New England for a few days.

That cold wind does fade away late tonight but the cold sets up shop for a bit, keeping temps on Thursday from reaching the low 40s–normally where we should be this time of year. Most of us start the day in the teens & briefly reach the mid 30s by afternoon. The saving grace is less wind as well as strong March sunshine. 35 degrees in December feels cold but 35 degrees in March sunshine feels…..ok. Decent late winter day.

Friday is still cold and a rare scene…..a storm. Yup, we will watch a storm pass south of New England while we knaw on knuckles & show off a white-knuckle bite. If this storm is just 100 miles closer (small in weather world) it’s game over….big snowstorm…foot or more of snow for us on Friday….chillax….as of now, I don’t see a close path, rather just a glancing blow. Whew. Even a glancing blow will throw some light snow into metro Boston & south Friday midday & evening. The Cape/Islands will be closet to this ocean storm so in those locations plan on 2-3" of snow. For the rest of us (Boston metro) plan on a coating-1" by Friday evening. No travel issues likely off Cape…roads a bit dicey on Cape Friday Evening tho.

Storm is long gone for the weekend but that cold holds for a couple more days. Temps hover near 40 each day with sunshine Saturday but clouds/flurries on Sunday. Early next week, I’m seeing major warmth…and if you are far enough from the ocean, you likely have temps in the upper 60s & low 70s by the middle of next week! More on this in a few days. ;o)