Still Summer…Not Quite Fall

As I blog, our dewpoints (a way of measuring the humidity in the air as well as comfort scale in regards to that humidity) are still near 70…that’s wicked humid for New England but as I scan the numbers, they do drop off across western New England. This is good as it means dry air to our west continues to creep closer to us. This means we start the day with the muggies but by afternoon and certainly this evening, we will feel that drier air take hold. Yay. As for sun, that increases through the day from west to east. That lingering humidity may pop an isolated shower out on the Cape but all in all, a great summer day for southern New England.

It has been a struggle to get this dry air in here (recall a front last week that tried to deliver the goods only to hit a wall of mugginess and fall apart) but now we reap the benefits of this slow moving airmass. We have several days of fantastic summer weather on tap so plan on sunny skies, low humidity and seasonably warm (afternoon temps in the 80s). In terms of summer humidity, that will make a return by next week but that’s next weeks blog.