Stoneham-based startup creates Keurig for marijuana

A startup company based in Stoneham, Massachusetts, will unveil later this year a Keurig-like device for medical marijuana users.

CannaKorp has created the “CannaCloud,” a device that they described as the “world’s first single-use, pod-based medical marijuana vaporizer system.

“CannaKorp is going to upgrade the whole experience of using medical marijuana,” stated Michael Bourque, CannaKorp co-founder and president.

The device works much like the popular Keurig coffee machines. According to CannaKorp, a user simply places a “CannaCup strain” into a canister. The canister can then be placed inside the CannaCloud and its vessel fills with vapor in less than a minute, according to the company.

The product is expected to be rolled out in cities across North America this year.

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