Stop and Shop offering check out options

BOSTON (WHDH) - New England grocery giant Stop & Shop is giving customers options at the check-out aisle. Customers at a number of stores can now use a special carousel aisles that allow for a quicker exit. Walmart uses a similar system. The carousel allows cashiers a quicker way to bag items.

Shoppers can still leave it to the professionals to do the bagging. There will still be aisles with designated baggers. The company stresses no employees will lose their job;  any employees impacted will receive training for other positions. Stop & Shop has a long history of employing people with special needs to bag items. The company has no plans to stop the program. It’s a program the company says its very proud of.

Stop & Shop also offers self-check-out for customers with a few items who prefer to check out by themselves.

Stop & Shop offered this statement “Carousel bagging checkouts will be one of three checkout options available at our Stop & Shop stores, in addition to self-checkout and traditional lanes with baggers.  To reiterate, no jobs will be eliminated as a result of this new checkout option. “

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