Storming Out

Beneficial rain fell through the day. With amounts ranging from 3/4 of an inch on the Cape/Islands to as little as 1/3 of an inch through Metrowest, we don’t have a whole lot to show for it, but every drop counts as we continue to chip away at our enormous deficit in all of New England. So before you curse the drab, chilly day, consider this:

Rainfall deficit in Boston since Jan. 1st: 9.48"

Rainfall deficit in Worcester since Jan. 1st: 8.44"

That’s a lot of missing water. We have a long way to go folks.

And the pattern isn’t conducive to any serious rain either. After this storm, the pattern mellows again – although some of the models are trying to develop a wet nor’easter early next week. 

In the meantime, our plate is full with water this evening. Steady rain dwindles to scattered showers as low pressure moves by. Fog will lift as the winds stir in milder air and boost temperatures later tonight. Mid 50s are in play in the wee hours of the morning, technically hitting our high for the day before the sun even rises!

Tomorrow is a blustery day that sees us fall from those predawn highs in the mid 50s back into the 40s and eventually 30s by evening. It’s in response to that same low pressure system deepening in Maine. Gusts could hit 40mph in some spots.

Then it goes quiet…and we sail into the weekend with tons of sun and moderating temperatures. Normal high is around 45, but we could soar at least 15 degrees above that as a mild high pressure system moves overhead. 

Not too shabby for such little sunlight this time of year. Viva El Sol.