You know Fall-like weather in July doesn't stick around long, and yesterday's brief bout of that Fallish feel is over and done with by this afternoon.  The theme of the 7day forecast:  Warmth and humidity build in. 

To get to the heat and humidity, we have to go through a warm front this morning. That warm front triggers a few scattered showers this morning.  As that front moves to our east, partial sun and warmer temps break out around midday.  However, with a spoke of energy working into that warmth and humidity this afternoon, it'll be easy for a few scattered thunderstorms to re-fire.  While not everyone sees an afternoon thunderstorm (about 40% of us catch more rain), one or two of the storms that do form may be locally feisty with gusty winds, especially near and outside 495.  The main threat in any storm this afternoon will be cloud to ground lightning and a downpour.  The winds that guide these storms later today, aren't particularly strong, so the pop-up storms that do form could be slow to move.  Bottom line… you'll get your dry stretches at times through the day, just keep an eye to the sky, especially mid-late afternoon.

Enough instability hangs around for Monday, allowing for a few more pop-up showers/storms (30-40% chance) to form in the afternoon.  Any downpour that pops tomorrow may be slow to move as well.   

Tuesday afternoon may see a passing storm in the afternoon, but the theme of the day is the building heat and humidity as temps take a run into the upper 80s to 90. 

90s will be widespread away from the coastline Wednesday as sea breezes hold coastal towns into the 80s.  Wednesday is dry. 

Thursday, the heat peaks in the mid 90s, even at the coast with an offshore breeze.  A late-day front may trigger a passing thunderstorm near day's end/evening, but it's a GO on a beach day overall. 

That Thursday evening front is a "cold" front, however, it's not all that powerful.  It will take the edge of the humidity and highest heat, however 85-90 is still in the forecast Friday-next weekend with mainly dry weather prevailing. 

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