Stranded snowmobiler rescued after 24 hours in Idaho

PRESTON, Idaho (WHDH) — A snowmobiler was rescued 24 hours after he got separated from his group in below-freezing temperatures in Idaho.

Kacey Hebdon, 20, said he was near a creek when he got separated from his friends. To stay warm, Hebdon used gas to light some wood on fire and turned his snowmobile upside down to use as shelter.

“I had no supplies, all I had was a lighter. I had no food, no drinks, no nothing,” said Hebdon.

Eventually, rescue crews found Hebdon and rushed him to the hospital. He was treated for possible frostbite and said while he may have to have toes amputated, it could have been a lot worse.

Hebdon was released from the hospital and is now recovering at home.

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