Strange odor, carbon monoxide concerns shut Danvers fish market

DANVERS, MASS. (WHDH) - Ten people were evaluated for potential carbon monoxide poisoning after complaining of strange odors at a Danvers fish market Saturday, but are expected to be OK, fire officials said.

Firefighters responding to reports of a hazardous substance at the Cherry Street Fish Market Saturday afternoon found several people saying they smelled a strange odor and felt lightheaded, fire officials said.

Hazmat crews and firefighters checked carbon monoxide levels and allegedly found a piece of kitchen equipment had overheated by a blocked vent, which led to carbon monoxide accumulating — but not at dangerous levels, officials said.

“The levels weren’t that high. You know if it had gone for a few days, maybe it could have got worse but our levels were not that high to be dangerous,” said Danvers Fire Capt. Glen Cooney. “This was all precautionary.”

10 people were evaluated and while the market was closed Saturday, workers said they expected to be open Sunday.

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