Stranger finds Oregon soldiers military bracelet on Cape Cod beach

They call it the honor room, a place in the Pelham family’s Portland Oregon home, filled with priceless mementos.

Wendall Pelham’s 22-year-old son, John, died while serving in Afghanistan in 2014.

Every once in awhile, even now, nearly three years later, one of John’s friends will reach out to the Pelham’s.

But last week, it was different, a stranger called from Cape Cod.

A woman named Liz said she was walking on the beach and spotted a bracelet along the shore.

“I picked it up and I look at it and I saw a name engraved and I wiped off some of the sand and all of a sudden I notice a K-I-A on the corner of it,” said Liz, “and honestly, it was just, I got a tear to my eye.”

Bracelet’s like these are typically given to members of the fallen soldiers battalion.

The name on this bracelet was Specialist John A. Pelham.

“This is, like, the closest to a message in a bottle I’ve ever gotten,” said Liz, “but in a weird way I think it was John sending a message, ‘hey, come find me’?”

Liz searched online and found the Pelham’s, on the opposite side of the country.

“When Liz called and started explaining what had happened,” said Wendall, “it didn’t surprise me, at her reaction because I feel that often, and I affectionately look up and go, now you’re just showing off.”

On this Thanksgiving, The Pelham’s are grateful for another story about their late son and another memento to add to their honor room.

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