PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WHDH) — A shooting surprised a family driving in Providence last night when a 14-year-old riding in the car with his mother and sister was hit by a bullet.

The boy's mother says they were coming home from a birthday party last night when they heard loud noises. Police say someone fired several shots; one of them went right through trunk and grazed the boy's shoulder.

"I heard five bullets – bang, bang, bang, bang. I knew it was gun shots,” David Em, a man living in the neighborhood, said.

Other neighbors heard the gunshots too.

"I heard some pops, six of them. Pop, pop, pop, pop consecutive. I'm pretty sure it wasn't fireworks as July Fourth has passed,” Matthew Deflorimonte said.

The boy's mother took her son to the hospital, where he was treated for what police say was a minor injury.

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