SAN DIEGO, CA (WHDH) – Saturday a stray dog wandered into the gorilla enclosure at the San Diego Zoo.

The scene was captured on video as the dog ran for his life with gorillas chasing after him. Zoo employees called out to the two gorillas to get them inside, but they had their sights set on the unexpected guest. Several times the gorillas got close to the dog appearing ready to attack.

As the situation escalated visitors were told to leave.

Eventually employees were able to remove the gorillas so the dog could be rescued. Humane Society workers said it took some convincing to get the dog out and they were thankful he made it out unscathed.

“I would imagine the gorilla was probably more just trying to get the intruder out of their area, but I’m sure if he had put up a fight – he was probably ready to” said Humane Society rescuer Samantha Clarke.

According to authorities, it is unclear how the dog got into the enclosure but it has been seen in the park before. The dog is now at a shelter waiting for his owner, but if no one comes forward there is already a long list of potential adopters.

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