For as dry as it’s been, the weather certainly has been lovely. Blue skies, wispy clouds, and stunning sunrises and sunsets. Exhibit A & B from last night:

Sure it’s dry, but do we revel in the nice weather now or bemoan the deepening drought?

Personally, I’m torn. Would love to have it both ways, but the two are mutually exclusive. September is by far the most pleasant and benign month of the entire year, but this drought is putting a pall over all the bright skies and long stretches of rain-free days. Technically, we have to go back to the beginning of the year to trace the origins of this drought. Sure, we had a lot of winter storms, but the water equivalent (what the precipitation would have amounted to had the storms been rain) was lackluster. Which, compounded by very few thunderstorms this summer, accounts for where we are now.

Continued dry weather will extend well into next week. There are some possible showers by late Sunday and Monday, but until there’s concrete evidence of something greater than a threat, the drops won’t go on the 7day.

Temperatures will fall on Friday thanks to the arrival of a cool, dry airmass from the north. 60s will rule the land into the 1st part of the weekend too. Chilly mornings will settle in for the long haul as well.


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