Stuck at home with a coronavirus patient? Here’s how you can stay healthy

BOSTON (WHDH) - With the number of coronavirus cases on the rise, many living in shared spaces with family members or roommates have enough to be concerned about when it comes to staying healthy.

7’s Justin Dougherty allowed us into his home to offer a few simple tips and tricks on ways to keep everyone safe. He also had the chance to sit down with Dr. Ali Raja, of Massachusetts General Hospital, to discuss the risk factors involved with cohabitating.

“I’ve had a lot of patients who go home and they’re the only one in the family who have symptoms,” Raja said.

One of the most crucial steps is to make sure the person is self-isolated for two weeks in a room that is well ventilated. The Center for Disease Control suggests installing an air conditioner or, if the weather is nice, open a window to keep air flowing.

When a person in the home becomes infected with COVID-19, Dr. Raja said that “everything from dishes to laundry, when you’ve got one person in your house isolating, becomes a lot more complicated.

Complicated, but not impossible. Wearing gloves and a mask whenever interacting with the patient is a must.

Also, ensure the infected person leaves items like dirty dinner dishes six feet away from themselves before going to pick them up.

The CDC recommends cleaning highly touched surfaces, like doorknobs or the bathroom sink, every single day.

“Make sure they consider whatever it is that the person in isolation has touched, to be contaminated,” Raja explained.

As far as laundry for the infected person goes, keeping soiled items away from bare skin is critical.

“I have friends in the ER who have gone through this and their family has helped take care of them, you just have to be very careful,” Raja said.

But, above all else, the most important tip is to keep hands clean with soap and water — making sure to thoroughly wash them after every activity.

Doctor’s say that being slow and methodical can help stop the spread in the home.

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