Student apologizes for making taunts at Clinton’s alma mater

WELLESLEY, Mass. (AP) — A college student is apologizing for taunting students at Hillary Clinton’s alma mater in Massachusetts.

Edward Tomasso was one of two Babson College students that drove around the nearby all-women’s college of Wellesley the day after the election. They shouted and waved a Donald Trump flag from a pickup truck and bragged about it on social media.

Babson and Wellesley officials are still investigating the incident. Babson College’s president has apologized to the Wellesley community, and the students’ national fraternity has expelled them.

On Friday, Tomasso posted a Facebook message saying his actions showed “extremely poor judgment” and that he was “deeply sorry” for perpetuating fear and trivializing suffering.

He encouraged those offended to reach out to him but he denied using profanity or spitting on students. The other student involved hasn’t commented.

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