Student kicked out of class for wearing “Hillary For Prison” shirt


BOCA RATON, FL (NBC) — Senior Maxine Yeagle never thought her “Hillary For Prison” t-shirt would get her sent to the principal’s office.

“I have to take it off or I’m going to be in school suspension for the rest of the day,” she said in a video posted to social media.

That’s what a school administrator allegedly told the girl after her shirt sparked a debate in class.

In Boca Raton High School’s handbook, there’s no dress code rule that says political shirts are prohibited, but any clothes deemed “potentially disruptive” are not allowed.

“If you get a bad reaction on your shirt then it’s against the rules,” Yeagle said.

Yeagle says she’s getting hateful comments on the Facebook video she posted about the shirt.

“It is bullying because I almost deleted that video last night because I was getting so much hate and really it hurts,” she said.

Teachers in other local schools are seeing the election’s effects as well.

Jason Carver, a US Government and History teacher at Riviera Beach Preparatory and Achievement Academy, says he’s had to stop class at times to have serious discussions.

“I’m all for freedom of speech and expression but there are definitely things especially in the classroom that can be considered out of line,” he said.

Yeagle believes in this case, administrators taught the wrong lessons.

“Those girls were intolerant of my views and my beliefs and that’s teaching them that that’s okay,” she said.