A student police leaped into action on Wednesday when he witnessed a car crash in Burlington.

Student police officer Charlie Guarino, who was three weeks away from graduation, was on his way to the police academy on Wednesday morning when he came up on a car crash on Route 128 in Burlington.

"All of a sudden this car in the left travel lane started to spin out," said Guarino. 

The car in front of him lost control, hit a jersey barrier and flipped over onto its roof. The driver was trapped inside. 

"He was upside down in his seat belt kicking the window trying to get out, so I ran over and I tried to kick the window to help him get out," Guarino said.

However, Guarino was unable to kick the window out. So, he used his police baton to break the man and pull him to safety. 

"He was completely in shock. He really didn’t say much. He said he lost consciousness for a little bit," Guarino said. 

Guarino used his first responder training and tended to the man until medical personnel arrived. 

After the incident, Guarino reported to the academy. Once he graduates, he will work as police officer in Newton. 

"It’s really exciting. Cause everybody wants to do that. That’s why we’re all there. We all want to help people," Guarino said.

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