Students allegedly baked sugar cookies with human ashes, served them to classmates

(WHDH) — Police are investigating after two students allegedly baked sugar cookies with human ashes and served them to classmates at a high school in California.

The Davis Police Department recently received a disturbing report from students at DaVinci High School who claimed they ate cookies that may have contained human remains.

Investigators believe the ashes may have been those of one of the students’ grandparents, KOVR-TV reports.

At least nine students at the high school consumed the cookies, according to police.

Police Lt. Paul Doroshov is baffled by the case but says no one has fallen ill.

“I have not heard of anyone getting sick, or anybody being harmed as far as physically or physiologically by this,” he told the news outlet.

A Davis Joint Unified School District spokesperson issued a statement saying the district cannot comment on confidential student matters.

“This case has been particularly challenging and we have responded appropriately and in the most respectful and dignified way possible,” the statement read.

Police say it will take time to investigate the morbid claims because the case is so “unconventional.”

It’s not clear what charges the students would face if found responsible.

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