Study: Popular bottled water brands contaminated with plastic particles

(WHDH) — There is a significant chance that your favorite brand of bottled water is contaminated with microplastic particles, according to a new study conducted by Orb Media.

Researchers at the State University of New York at Fredonia tested 259 individual bottles from 27 different lots across 11 major brands in nine countries. They found 93 percent of the water showed “some sign” of contamination.

Scientists found 10.4 percent of plastic particles per one liter of water, which is twice as much as a previous study on tap water found.

Leading international brands in the study included Aquafina, Dasani, Evian, Nestle Pure Life, and San Pellegrino.

Polypropylene, nylon and polyethylene terephthalate were among the contaminants found in the water. Data suggests contamination is at least partially coming from the packaging and the bottling process itself, according to researchers.

At this time, researchers are not clear if consuming the particles will have any health effects.

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