Study: Processed meats, alcohol lead to increased stomach cancer risk

According to a study conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund, diets containing increased amount of processed meats and alcohol can lead to a greater risk for stomach cancer.

The organization’s global research indicated that 50 grams per day of processed meat increased the chance of stomach cancer by 18 percent, and that 45 grams of alcohol – equal to roughly 3 drinks – "significantly increases" the risk for stomach cancer.

The study says that men are significantly more at risk, as are smokers and ex-smokers.

Other risks include obesity and eating foods preserved by salting, particularly Asian-style salted vegetables or dried salted fish.

The report says that stomach cancer is the third-largest cancer killer in the world, and more than 900,000 cases are detected annually.

The World Cancer Research Fund recommends avoiding processed meats and alcohol whenever possible, and consuming no more than six grams of salt per day.

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