Feeling the muggies yet?  You will as dew points rise to near 70 over the next couple of days, providing a very stuffy feel to the air.  While we don't have any searing heat in the forecast, it'll be warm the next couple days with afternoon temps in the 80s.  In addition, the radar won't be 100% quiet like it has been the past couple of days.  

With that said we won't see a lot of the time filled up with drops. The best chance for a midday/afternoon downpour or crack of thunder today is the farther west you go.  Inside 495 to the coast, the shower chance runs 20% or less.  Outside 495, it's around 40% and increases to 60% from the Lakes Region of NH to the Berkshires.  

Tomorrow, the opposite is true with the highest chance for storms in the afternoon is across eastern Mass thanks to a timing of a cold front  that plows into the warm and humid air mass in place.  While the conditions aren't favorable for widespread severe weather, a few of the storms could be locally strong and with the atmosphere loaded with moisture, any thunderstorm will be capable of producing a tropical-like downpour.  

Behind the front, Thursday features lower humidity again, but it's also kind of a sluggish summer's day with more clouds than sun and even a few showers possible, mainly south of the Pike. 

Friday, into the weekend looks good so far with mainly dry conditions, humidity in check and afternoon temps in the 80s. 

Have a great day! 

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