Stunned woman reunited with lost class ring after more than 40 years

PEABODY, MA (WHDH) - A Peabody woman has been reunited with a piece of personal history that she never thought she would see again.

After more than four decades, Jan Kentros has gotten her high school class ring back thanks to an unexpected phone call.

Yearbooks in 1971 featured some pretty groovy printing, and inside, the outfits and hairstyles were out of sight. For Kentros, the friendships she made stood the test of time. But one piece of the 70’s has been missing for decades.

“We just assumed it was gone for good,” Kentros said.

Kentros gave her Bishop Fenwick High School class ring to her boyfriend John when she started dating him right before her senior year.

“Back in the 70’s it was you know, kind of like comparable to getting pinned,” Kentros said.

The ring didn’t fit on her boyfriend’s finger, so he put it on his key chain.

“I’m going to say about 45 years ago he lost the key chain,” Kentros said. Kentros didn’t see the ring again, until this week.

“I was just shocked. I actually didn’t think it really could have been mine because it was gone for so long,” Kentros said.

She had to see it to believe it. There were her faint initials on the inside, which read “JMF.” Turns out somebody found it on the track, took it to the office, and used the 1971 yearbook to figure out she was the only girl with those initials.

“So what they thought, and I tend to agree with them, is that either a bird or something picked it up and dropped it or an animal picked it up and dropped it on the track,” Kentros said.

The ring is in great shape, considering it had been missing outside for 45 years.

Kentros’ relationship with her high school boyfriend is also in great shape. They’ve been married for 42 years. As you would imagine, he’s thrilled the ring has been returned.

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