Stupendous (Adjective/ informal)
Def: Extremely impressive……… “A stupendous display of technique”
Synonyms:  Amazing, Astounding, Astonishing, Extraordinary, Remarkable, Phenomenal, Staggering, Breathtaking

That right there is how you can describe our weather shaping up over the next several days! What a run. It’s possibly the best stretch of weather this summer as we will have Canadian High Pressure with us well into early next week. I touched on this yesterday about Canadian High Pressure offering completely different results depending on the season. This time of year Canadian High Pressure means ample sunshine, low humidity, overnight lows in the 50s (great for sleeping) and afternoon highs in the upper 70s to around 80. #Winning

So…..the weather message is a simple one with sunshine expected each of the next few afternoons (the occasional cumulus & cirrus cloud will dart through the sky). A sea breeze is likely to kick into gear on the Cape/Islands this weekend so plan on those afternoon temps in the low to mid 70s but for the rest of us we’ll hang near 80.

The only issue will be water (or lack of). If you are into green lawns and healthy plants & vegetable gardens, then you’ll have to do some work as I don’t see any rain until perhaps an isolated shower/t-storm next Wednesday night.

Enjoy your weekend


PS Summer solstice is 6:51am Saturday

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