‘Success Kid’ uses meme to save father’s life

JACKSONVILLE, FL (NBC) — A Florida father is crediting his now nine-year-old son with saving his life.

At just 11 months old, while attempting to eat sand at Ponte Vedra Beach, Sammy Griner’s mother snapped a now-iconic photo.

Recently, Sammy used his meme’s popularity to help save his father’s life.

Sammy’s dad, Justin, who suffered from chronic kidney disease, got a call he had been waiting on for years, that a kidney was finally ready for him.


Insurance covered the surgery, but not the expensive medications he needed. Without the prescriptions, he could not have the surgery.

So, the family set up a GoFundMe account and using the “Success Kid” meme’s popularity, they raised over $100,000.

“I feel like he actually really embodies that title that he just kind of happened to get,” Sammy;s mother Laney Griner said.

Sammy’s dad said he feels like he needs to buy his son everything he wants because he owes it to him for helping save his life.

“It’s a game changer to see my dad alive and his kidneys back to normal,” Sammy said. He’s doing great and stuff.”