Jeremiah F. Goodwin is a son of Suffolk County who attended Louis Pasteur Elementary, the Mary T. Ronan School, and the Wolcott School in Revere. He went on to attended St. Lazarus Parochial School and St. Dominic Savio Preparatory High School, both in East Boston, graduating form High School in 1975. Listening to a call to serve, Goodwin enlisted in the United States Air Force following high school.   His first military school was the 3201st Basic Military Training Academy at Lackland Air Force Base. He graduated The Wilford Hall Military Police Academy and the The Air Base Ground Defense Academy at Camp Bullis, Texas becoming a Security Specialist. Goodwin was a member of the 1976 Olympic Security Deployment at Plattsburg New York charged with athlete, dignitary, and nuclear security. He received a Letter of Commendation from Lt. Colonel Richard A. Gotte, Chief of Security Police, USAF for his service.   He was permanently assigned to The Strategic Air Command and became a Non Commissioned Officer while assigned to the 351st Missile Security Squadron/Combat Support Group. While in The Strategic Air Command he served under Colonel John C. Gruver who taught him the values of loyalty and leadership. Gruver inspired him to always increase awareness and to be vigilant. Gruver was an effective communicator at all levels of an organizational hierarchy and Goodwin adopted his formula for organizational success.   Goodwin will rely on that organized police experience to lead the men and women of The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department. After his discharge from the service Goodwin attended college, earning his Bachelor of Arts from University of New England in 1987. He served as a Corrections Officer with The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department where he “walked the tiers “at the Charles Street Jail. He Passed a Civil Service Police Examination and was made a permanent Revere Police Officer in 1989. He studied at The Foxboro Municipal Police Academy under State Police Trooper Daniel Donovan. While at Foxboro he was awarded The Top Physical Training Score. In 1997, Goodwin earned his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from St. Anna Maria College where he studied under the Hon. Albert H. Burns, a long time Suffolk County Justice. Burns stressed the importance of integrity and honor in justice, which left a lasting impression on Goodwin. Jerry has achieved the ranks of Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and is presently a Platoon Commander. When on duty he is responsible for the public safety of all citizens, and the actions of the department. He has been decorated for his service, receiving Commendations for Bravery and Achievement from The City of Revere, and Congratulations for Bravery from the Commonwealth for rushing into a burning building in 1997. In 2008 he was presented with a Certificate of Commendation from the Revere City Council for the Apprehension of an Armed and Dangerous Suspect. It is that bravery and dedication to community policing that Goodwin will bring to the table to establish effective, community-based outreach programs particularly focused on at risk youth and vulnerable members of our county.

                                                Goodwin is a proud labor union member. His experience serving next to his brothers and sisters of labor has shaped his priorities of standardizing training, support for all the line positions, analytical approaches to correctional theories, and efficient allocation of the ” The Public’s” resources. He will preserve the fiduciary responsibilities of The Office of Sheriff. He will do this knowing that Unions are the backbone of an effective organization. Goodwin’s mother, Margaret Carol Buckley fought a decades long civil rights battle to become the first woman in the history of the Longshoreman’s Union. Goodwin’s inspiration to serve was nurtured by his Godfather Cornelius “Connie” Buckley, the well-known News Editor at The Pilot Newspaper for over three decades. His father was a union worker in the oil farms of East Boston and Revere. Goodwin is most proud that his family’s mission of service has been passed down to another generation. His eldest Jeremiah Jr. followed in his footsteps serving his country in the United States Army Infantry and serving as a Police Officer in the Boston Police Department. His younger son Justin is a National Honor Society Member and high school student accepted to the S.T.E.M. Academy. His daughter Susan is a student with a perfect MCAS score and a growing interest in forensic science. Goodwin currently lives in Revere with his wife Bia. If not for a trip to Camp Casey, South Korea in 2009 he would not be in this race. A fervent advocate for our nation’s veterans, Goodwin was overseas to visit with our troops. While there, he befriended a great number of soldiers. He was proud to find a young generation of Americans who were “strong and willing to serve others.” One solider left a positive impression on Goodwin. The infantryman, with some youthful indiscretions in his past, had become a skilled, combat tested, accomplished solider, and a consummate gentleman. It was plain to see the young veteran was ready to excel.   Upon the young soldiers honorable discharge from six years of military service he moved to Suffolk County. Goodwin was both surprised and disappointed when he learned the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department denied the young veteran employment. That feeling of a law enforcement agency failing a young promising veteran stung. And that sting became a catalyst for Goodwin’s continued evaluation of “the Governance of Law Enforcement in Massachusetts.” Goodwin discovered that fiscal mismanagement had caused severe financial distress to the county correctional system.   He felt a need to offer himself again for the benefit of his fellow officers. Goodwin is ready to accept the challenges at The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department. He has the experience, dedication, and determination to deliver effective police services and programs for the benefit of everyone. Goodwin believes the men and women in Law Enforcement should not be influenced by special interests or political needs, rather the duty to protect and serve a community.

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