So what do you give it? A 7? An 8? Gasp..a 9 or 10?

Summer officially came to an end today for meteorologists. We see summer as June, July and August with the subsequent seasons following in succession every three months. While it was a banner season for vacations and getaways, it wasn’t without a few wet weekends…and a wet June. Ironically, the summer went on to feature a serious lack of rain and infrequent thunderstorms.

I don’t rank the seasons myself. It seems too restricting on a season that can vary as much as the opinions on how to describe it. I see it as wet, warm, cool or dry. And in my professional opinion, this one was warm and dry. Can’t tell you how many emails I received from people who missed the storms "every time" they rolled through Southern New England. By their very nature, storms are selective and fickle…we are reminded of that every summer (especially when you reseed the lawn or forgot to water the garden).

In any event, the dry spell deepens. Next 7-10 days are full of sun and warm temperatures. Going into foliage season, this doesn’t bode well. 

Hopefully, we can turn it around.


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