Summer Grabs the Spotlight

Today was just a start:

Sea breezes soothed the beaches all afternoon, keeping the shore roads and coastal communities in the upper 70s to low 80s. Elsewhere, the warmth took charge as some made a run for 90 degrees.

Are we set up for a heat wave? Not really. This is a three-day warm spell. If you didn’t make it to 90 or better today, then you’re out. (Obviously, Pepperell would be the exception.)

How about some humidity to go along with that heat? Not really feeling it this time around. Take a look at the humidity in the East:

 Dry wedge of air (in light blue) extends almost down to Atlanta! So even when the wind turns to the southwest Wednesday, I’m not seeing a ton of humidity accompanying this hot weather.

Sharp dropoff by the end of the week, eh? You bet. We’re swapping out airmasses quickly on between Wed. and Thu. A whole new world is ahead by the end of the week….along with those cool overnight low temperatures.

So soak up the heat in the coming days…

Regarding that bleak weekend forecast, let me explain. I’m taking the wettest, coolest, cloudiest slant possible, just because I want to ruin your weekend plans.

OK, OK, just kidding. I’m taking that approach plainly because the pattern shows a stalled front and plenty of moisture around. Granted, while other maps show more sun on Saturday and Labor Day, I’m taking the wait and see approach. Bottom line is there IS a possibility for a turnaround by the weekend, so let’s just sit tight.