Summer Hangin’ Around

"Awesomesauce" has been officially added to the Oxford Dictionary, and just in time too.  Our weather will definitely be served hot, topped with a generous serving of "awesomesauce" through the next several days.  Wait, I’m not sure I used that word correctly. I’ll have to ask Chris Lambert – he had "awesomesauce" in his forecast today.  :c)

I was at Trader Joe’s last night, restocking my hoard of dried mangoes, when the guy at the check stand said, "It’s dark already?!  Summer is over too soon!"  The sun is setting earlier and earlier – 7:24pm tomorrow night – and Meteorological Summer is over once the calendar page flips to September.  Yes, we’re burnin’ daylight, folks… but the forecast is not letting go of summer just yet.

Comfortable temps today will be a bit warmer tomorrow, and high pressure will keep us "high and dry" for the next several days.  The heat is back, building through the weekend and bringing around those 90° days again… "NBD," also added to the Oxford Dictionary – roughly translated to "No Big Deal."  The big deal though, is that the humidity is back too.  Dewpoints are on a steady climb through the weekend (a touch sticky for Saturday and Sunday) – getting closer to 70° for the middle of next week.  Remember, dewpoints in the 50s are generally "comfortable," in the 60s "sticky/muggy," and in the 70s "oppressive humidity."  

So if you’re not ready to shed summer and move forward to fall, then this week’s forecast is right up your alley.  Storm-free, hazy, hot and humid… doesn’t sound much like September… Enjoy it, mkay?  ("Mkay" also added to the dictionary.  You learn something new every day…)  – Breezy