The weekend wasn’t completely washed out, but it certainly wasn’t a crowd-pleaser. Wet weather yesterday gave way to a few peeks of sun this afternoon, but the onshore wind made it a barely manageable beach day with highs only AROUND 70.

So what’s to blame for this summer sleeper? Maligned jet stream is one. A huge ridge of high pressure has invaded the high latitudes, splitting the normally present cool pool of air in two: one dipping into the Eastern US, the other lobbing into the Gulf of Alaska (note the blue below):

It’s not coincidence that we’re cool and the Northwest Territories of Canada are piping hot – and aflame with forest fires. In fact, the smoke is still around, creating a thinly visible haze over the Northeast and, as smoke particles reflect the incoming sun, perpetuating the cool spell.

If you’re on vacation this week, fret not. There are warmer days ahead – but it’s hardly searing summer heat. We have a standing afternoon storm threat – (likely non-severe) through Wednesday. In the meantime, Tropical Storm Bertha will likely strengthen into a hurricane as she passes FAR offshore of Nantucket by Tuesday afternoon. Beware beach-goers, we have increasing rip current threat from Tuesday on as the swells from Bertha reach the south-facing beaches of New England.


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