Stellar day today. Only to be bested by tomorrow's forecast. Or, if you like it a little warmer, Friday's forecast.

There are some real gems ahead folks. Beachworthy, golfworthy, and frankly, worthy of the title of the finest days of summer. Humidity will remain low and the sun will dominate. Gentle sea breezes will kick back the temperatures a little right at the beaches, but it won't be a chilly breeze; just enough to shave a few degrees.

Heading into the weekend, a weak front will drop down from Northern New England, providing focus for a few afternoon storms on Saturday. The reviews on this are mixed. Some weather maps want to put down a batch of scattered storms, others very isolated. Personally, I'm not swayed by either. The humidity will be increasing, so the threat is real. However, the front is weak…and we've been here before. Weak fronts don't seem to produce in terms of thunderstorm coverage and intensity. So my thinking is that if you get a storm, it will be a weak one…and out before you can bring in the cushions for the lawn furniture.

Sunday looks warmer, and that theme seems to play out into most of next week. We might see a small setback on Wednesday as a front stall overhead, but otherwise it's lots of heat and humidity for the foreseeable future.

Stay cool.


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