Summer’s Back

From a frosty start Saturday to a warm and humid day today, New England weather has run the gamut this weekend.

Additionally, we’ve tracked some heavy rain showers west of 495 early this morning, although many of them have faded in coverage area and intensity into mid morning.  The shower/thunder threat today runs around 20%, and even if you get a passing shower, much of the day features dry hours with highs into the upper 70s.  The chance for a shower is even lower by mid to late afternoon, with the exception of Southeastern Mass, where a few showers may be around at times during the afternoon thanks to being closer to the big ole storm that’s offshore.

The case of the muggies we have today is one and done as a cool front sweeps through tonight, lowering the humidity for Monday.  It’ll still be warm Monday, mid 70s, before a  bit cooler of a mid-week, especially near the coast.  As winds go from onshore mid-week to west by the end of the week, we’ll warm back up.  Perhaps nearing 80 again by next weekend! After today, there is no rain in the 7 day forecast.

Go Pats!!!!!!!!!

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