Summer’s Comeback

The weekend is here, and I promise not to whine about the lack of rain. (But we do need it.) After a chilly, dry day, night settles in and the cool air will start to pool around New England. Another night of snow making in the mountains? Perhaps (see photo from Sunday River to the right.) In some respects – along the coast and throughout Greater Boston – it will be colder tonight than last night thanks to a lighter wind and a sharper temperature drop this evening.

I like the look of the weekend overall. Sunday’s warmer than Saturday, and sunny skies will be hindered by some clouds both days. I’m stressing more clouds on Sunday however, as a weather system creeps off Nantucket. Although the humidity will increase, I think the showers will remain light and spotty (unfortunately) during the first part of the day. One of the weather models we use shows a good dose of water coming through in the morning, but I think it’s a bit heavy-handed and overly aggressive given the setup. This would have been a great opportunity to get a soaking rai…um, never mind.

Front crosses with a brief shower overnight Sunday (another missed opportunity) and a new, slightly cooler airmass builds in for the beginning of next week.

Big weekend for sports and for fall activities. Tailgating and Patriots, NASCAR in New Hampshire and…leaf peeping? Little early for that, but I will say that unless we get a significant rain, the colors will be flat and muted this year. Many trees are stressed and are dropping dead leaves thanks to the drought. Cross your fingers for rain….SOON. (OK, OK, I caved.)

Make it a good, safe weekend.