Yes more snow is in the forecast but now that its March our snowfall is usually of the light variety AND warm air can take that snow right back in just a day or two. It’s the existing 25-30″ of snow that will require a little more warmth to get rid of.

The next batch of snow is tied to a warm front which is now in the Ohio River valley and will need the entire day to reach us so we have sunshine fading to clouds for Taco Tuesday. By this evening that warm front is in New England & that means the snow is too. Snow will begin to fly around 8pm and continue up until Midnight. At that time most towns will have picked up between 2-3″ of snow. After midnight we see mainly light rain/freezing rain taper off to cloudy skies overnight. The last thing we need on those flat-top roofs is heavy rain & thankfully we don’t have any on the way with most towns getting less than .2″ of rain. Wednesday is a day we can steal from Ma Nature with some sunshine and temps in the low 40s!

Thursday we take a step back into winter with cold temps and the risk of more light snow. It’s a weak storm but a storm nonetheless which will lay down between 2-4″ of more snow across the region. This amount of snow may be enough for Boston to break the all-time record for the snowiest season.


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