Yesterday, despite some midday clouds, temps made it into the upper 50s away from the ocean. Today we’ll have brilliant sunshine for the day but the numbers will be a smidge cooler. #ThisOrThat. Another difference from yesterday will be the wind direction as that wind (around 7-14mph) will blow from Vermont rather than the Atlantic. That means coastal areas won’t hear the dreaded Cooler Coast today as many cities & towns–including metro Boston–will reach the low 50s this afternoon.

Tomorrow that wind blows from the Atlantic once again and this will do two things: A) Keep all of us rather cool for the day with the coast once again the coolest location (low to mid 40s) and B) add clouds to the sky, especially during the afternoon hours. Despite the building clouds, we stay dry tomorrow afternoon. All this applies to Fenway Park. The game is dry (so is the ring ceremony!) but it’s chilly with temps in the low to mid 40s. Go Sox!

As we step into the weekend, it starts slow with clouds, and a few showers leftover from late Friday Night but those raindrops are long gone by 9am and the clouds break apart through the day. It’s a mild day with temps reaching the upper 50s. Sunday is even nicer with mostly sunny skies and mild temps…low 60s.


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