Hmm….what to blog about? That is the question? Your thoughts, JR on The Sox starting pitching?….It’s early, they’ll be fine, especially with Price as the Ace. The political landscape? Nope…that’s messy–keep me out of the fray…Next winters La Nina pattern (oppo of El Nino) and what it means for New England?—Too soon, ask again later.

Perhaps you’re thinking..How about our weather the next few days? Fine, you win…see, it’s not because our weather turns lousy with cold, rain & snow in fact it’s the opposite…it’s more of the same with a continuation of sunshine and a warming trend. What’s wrong with that?! Nothing–it’s good…all good things, all good things but I devoted a good chunk of last night’s blog detailing why we would have several days of sunshine due to slow moving High Pressure. I also talked about finding cooler temps along the coast right through the weekend. No worries Broseph, we don’t read the blogs every night–it’s new to us! Whew…that’s good to hear, thanks.

Hey JR, what about Marathon Monday..any deets on that yet? Yes!–Marathon Monday looks sunny & warm–not crazy hot tho. As of now it looks like temps in Hopkinton are near 40–then rising through the 40s by start time. When the runners hit Wellesley, temps will be climbing into the 60s (reaching the low 70s by early afternoon). By the time most of the runners come into Boston Monday afternoon, I do think a sea breeze will form keeping temps near 60 (perhaps into the 50s). Wind looks to be from the southwest then southeast in Boston. Our next chance of rain isn’t until next Tuesday morning and at this time it looks like scattered showers…no drenching rains.



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