Sun filled skies the next couple of days means kid filled playgrounds and ball fields as we enjoy the nice April weather.  Cool ocean breeze or not, the UV index doesn’t go by temp, it goes by the sun angle and how many of those rays can get to you without being blocked by the clouds.  Since we’ll have little in the way of cloud cover the next couple days, and that sun angle is about as high in the sky as it is in mid to late August, it’s sunscreen time! 

Today, we’re still cooler at the coast, low to mid 50s and in the low 60s inland.  The atmosphere is very dry, in fact, dry and breezy enough this afternoon that a red flag warning is in place for the elevated risk of brush fires easily, and quickly spreading.  Not a good backyard burn day for sure.  No flicking butts out the car window either.  You don’t want to be the one that sparks the brush fire on the side of the road. It’ll be a cool one tonight, frosty outside Boston but remaining in the low 40s in the city.  There’s a frost advisory for Essex and Plymouth counties. 

Cough, cough… thinking about burning a sick day or personal day?  Don’t tell the boss I put the idea in your head, but if you’re looking for an outdoor day, tomorrow’s the pick of the week with temps in the 70s. For realsies, even in Boston we’re cracking the 70 degree mark as no sea breeze heads on in. Temps reach the lower 60s across the Cape. 

Friday is another mild one, this time, some more clouds in the mix and scattered showers and a thunderstorm in the afternoon.  They’re hit or miss, so it’s not a washout day, just an eye to the sky type afternoon.  Keep the umbrella on standby and carry one. 

The weekend is seasonable and dry. 

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