Sunshine And Sea Breeze

Classic spring day in New England. Sunshine and light wind–especially this afternoon. The light wind means a sea breeze is likely and sure enough–temps at 4pm ranged from 49 in Boston to 61 in Fitchburg. It seems like there have been a lot of *Cooler Coast* days this spring. Overall, the month of April has been running about 2-4 degrees cooler than normal and that’s not just a coastal thing. We’ve had High Pressure centered west of New England more often than not and out there it’s a double whammy for Boston. When the Blue H is near Buffalo it’s too far away for any sea breezes but can easily funnel chilly Canadian air into New England. When the area of High Pressure is on top of us–like today–the wind is light so when the air over land heats up it rises (natural occurrence) which means air over the chilly ocean has to take its place…hence the sea breeze. By late spring, the ocean warms to the point where the sea breeze isn’t so chilly.

Tomorrow we see more sunshine with temps able to warm into the 70s!!  A nice westerly breeze will fend off that chilly ocean air but due to the recent dryness across New England, will also lead to an increased threat for brush fires across New England—be careful with that fire Scarecrow.

Friday is another warm day with temps starting out near 55 and easily reaching the low 70s. the difference will be more clouds and eventually some rain showers. It’s a cool front causing the cloud/shower hubbub so these showers will be scattered in nature. The front will also be dragging its heels and these two features of the front means most of your Friday is rain-free. Plan on raindrops around 4-5pm but it should be dry before that time.

This front slides offshore early Saturday taking clouds & raindrops with it setting us up for a dry weekend. Seasonable temps (50s) likely both days.