Today’s highs may have been a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday’s highs, but it sure did feel nicer.  It was so wonderful to see the sunshine throughout the day!  I always say, if a moderate breeze can take the real feel of temps down, down, down – then enjoying bright sunshine should take the real feel of temps up, up, up.  It’s the “sunshine effect.”  Today was proof of that; if you got out into the sunshine it felt 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the technical temperature.

I wish I could tell you that we get to keep all of that sunshine around for a while.  It really is the perfect weather for this time of year.  The bad news is, clouds are on the increase.  The good news is, we get to keep temps in the 40s and possibly even hit 50 degrees Wednesday afternoon in some areas.

It was a very wet start to December, with the first 10 out of 11 days with some amount of measurable precipitation.  Aside from a few flurries at the end of last week, Boston has been dry for the last few days.  It looks like that dry spell will be short lived, as a new system brings showers in.  The storm that dumped on California, ripped through the Plains, and is bringing plowable snow to the Midwest now, will move into our neighborhood tomorrow night.  Luckily for us, we don’t see the brunt of this storm as it heads to the NE.  We just get a few showers overnight Tuesday into early Wednesday morning.  Precip amounts will be less than an inch – generally speaking, 0.25 to 0.4″ in most locations (locally closer to .75″ in a few places) with this round of damp weather.

Cooler temps will move in after we near 50 on Wednesday.  It looks like the sunshine is back for Friday, but we will struggle to get up to 40F.  

Still tracking a possible storm for next weekend, but it’s another tricky one.  “The jury is still out” – which I know, I say that a lot, but when looking at all of the forecast models I imagine this scene: a bunch of people sitting around a big table in a very important looking board room, judging the accused (or in this case, the storm), debating what’s going to happen in our future.  There is still a lot of “evidence” that needs to be presented to the jury before they can get closer to making a decision.  For now, it looks like the storm track will stay to our south (thanks to a blocking high to our north).  So, today I’ll call it a 30% chance of inland snow and coastal rain on Sunday.  Stay tuned…

I’m off to deck the halls!  – Bri



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