Sunshiny Days Ahead

What a night!  Now that (“I can see clearly now”) the rain is gone and Christmas is wrapping up, we can stop singing “Mele Kalikimaka,” and switch to singing Johnny Nash’s “Sunshiny Day!”  

Temps were climbing steadily as we worked through the overnight hours on Christmas Eve, and the mild weather stayed with us for much of Christmas Day.  Boston didn’t break any records with this wacky weather, but it did come close.  The high for Christmas was 59 degrees (record is 65).  So, it wasn’t a white Christmas but it sure was a warm one.  Now that we have this mild weather with us, why don’t we just keep it around for a bit?

The weekend looks great, with drier weather in store and temps staying fairly mild.  We will get much colder overnight tonight; highs will drop into the 30s.  Highs for Friday won’t be as mild as today, but they will still be around 10 degrees above normal.  We’ll keep things near 50 degrees through Sunday, which is quite unusual when you consider “normal” for this time of year is 39 degrees!  Plenty of time to give the new bike, scooter, or Pogo stick you got from Santa a first try.

Boston received a small bucket of rain as a Christmas gift from Mother Nature; amounting to 0.70″ of rain through the Christmas Eve storm.  While it didn’t break any records, that rainfall did take us up to 6.55″ for the month of December.  This means that we’re currently sitting in the spot for the 12th wettest December in recorded history, and we only have 0.05″ to go to tie with the #10 spot.  I think we could potentially squeak that out before the month is over. 

The next best chance for showers will be late Sunday into early Monday morning, but it doesn’t look like anything to write home about.  What will be the shocker in this time frame though, will be the drop in temps.  Highs on Sunday will be around 50 and then the bottom drops out for highs on Monday only in the 30s!  If you got a new coat for Christmas (I know my husband did), don’t put it away just yet.  We still live in New England, after all!

The colder air is in the forecast, but the real question is still “Where’s the SNOW?!”  I don’t have any snow in my current “7 on 7” forecast, but that’s not to say there’s absolutely no chance we’ll see any snow before 2014 wraps up.  There are a couple of systems that could pass through the area, but forecast model tracks now are taking those storms to the south of us.  We’re still a few days out… so those of you snow-lovers can keep wishing for a Christmas miracle!