December 12th?  Really?  It sure doesn’t feel like it this morning as temperatures in Boston hover near 50 degrees, and even in the suburbs, most towns start near or above 40.  Fog is not nearly as widespread nor as dense as yesterday morning, and that’ll allow for a mix of sun and clouds to dominate through the day. Temps once again warm well into the 50s, if not the lower 60s this afternoon. A superb weekend day for December! 

While stay mild today, the temperature forecast for Sunday is cooler as a cold front from the north/northeast sneaks in.  With this cool front sliding on through, turning winds to the northeast, temps hold in Boston, points north, in the upper 40s in the afternoon. South and southwest of the city, the numbers run in the low to mid 50s. In addition Sunday will be the cloudier of the two weekend days, and even a few sprinkles are possible. 

That cooler ocean air is tough to push out of here and we’ll spend most of Monday in the 40s with some patchy drizzle in the morning.  In the evening, temperatures do surge into the 50s, if not close to 60 degrees by midnight.  With that surge in temps also comes a surge in rain chances as a few gusty downpours are possible overnight.  Overall, the highest rain chance runs from late afternoon, through the evening. 

The next storm after that looks to be wet and not white too.  The timing of it… Thursday afternoon into early Friday morning. 

The pattern is much colder next weekend…. 30s to near 40 for highs and teens and 20s at night, however, it looks to be dry. 

Enjoy the mild air and enjoy the weekend! 

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