‘Supergirl’ lands on CW’s Monday schedule

NEW YORK (AP) — “Supergirl” joins the CW network’s supernatural-heavy lineup on Mondays this fall, with the network also premiering a romantic comedy about an impending apocalypse and a drama where a young detective hears the voice of her long-dead dad.

The network picked up “Supergirl” from CBS, and is pairing the show with “Jane the Virgin” on Monday nights.

The new series “No Tomorrow” gets a coveted Tuesday time slot after the CW’s most popular show, “Flash.” ”No Tomorrow” is about a young woman whose life is energized by a guy trying to accomplish as much as he can before an asteroid crashes into the Earth.

The new series “Frequency” is about a young woman “reconnecting” with the mysterious voice of a father believed killed when she was 8 years old.


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