"A lot of people are taking a second look and saying maybe this long shot isn't such a long shot,” Cain said.

No one is enjoying his surge more than he is:

"I got sick of seeing everything about this campaign being about Romney and Perry. Not because I don't like 'em. But I'm saying, what are the rest of us, chopped liver?” Cain said.

With the economy the number one issue, Cain stresses his business background…with Coca-Cola, Burger King, and Godfather's Pizza. And it's no surprise his tax plan is the centerpiece of his candidacy:

"My top priority is 9-9-9. Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. (applause)"

Cain's 9-9-9 plan calls for a 9% national sales tax…a 9% business tax…and a 9% personal income tax rate. Proof of Cain's popularity is how his opponents have attacked it:

"I thought it was the price of a pizza when I first heard about it (laughs), Jon Huntsman said.

"When you take the 9-9-9 plan and turn it upside down, I think the devil's in the details," Michele Bachmann said.

But Cain doesn't back down:

"It's really simple. When people understand it they will support it and they will demand it," Cain said.

Cain dismisses the notion he will simply fade away:

"Flavor of the week? No, because there's a difference between the flavor of the week and Haagen Daz Black Walnut because it tastes good all the time," Cain said.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised by Herman Cain's success.

He comes across as genuine, a straight-forward straight talker.

And the fact he's not a politician may be another plus.

However this campaign ends, Cain has shown he's able.

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