Surf shops hope to prevent shark attacks with ‘Sharkbanz’ bracelets

The coast along the Carolinas has now seen two shark bites in less than two weeks, bringing a fear of sharks back to the attention of those visiting the coast this summer.

And a new product may be putting some of those fears at ease.

Shark repellent may sound like a funny idea, but it’s been flying off the shelves at some surf shops.

Called “Sharkbanz”, it’s the size of a watch and can be worn on the ankle or wrist.

According to sellers of the item, it is a magnetic bracelet that interferes with the electroreceptors sharks have in their noses keeping them away from the wearer.

And while they are popular, some experts say they are not sold on the idea of any kind of repellent.

“Even though there are methods out there for some folks that repel sharks or anything like that the only way to ensure that you don’t encounter a shark is to not go in the ocean at all however we want people to utilize our beaches and continue to visit,” Ara McClanahan of Aquarists said.

Experts say you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than you have of being attacked by a shark.

The odds are about one in 11.5 million.