WESTPORT, Mass. (AP) — The wife of the hunter who survived falling into the frigid Westport River, an accident that claimed the lives of his two friends, says the men were experienced outdoorsmen who'd hunted in similar conditions before.

Dr. Gregg Angell of Westport was the lone survivor after the small skiff capsized Tuesday morning.

His wife, Lorraine Lubiejewski, tells WJAR-TV that although the weather was "cold and nasty," the friends were used to it.

Angell has frostbite on his fingertips and knees. His core body temperature was 80 degrees when he arrived at the hospital. He is expected to survive.

She finds it hard to fathom that "the greatest guys in the world," as she describes her husband's friends, are gone.

The victims were Steven James, of Marshfield, and Robert Becher, of Cromwell, Conn.

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