BOSTON (WHDH) - A woman who survived a fiery crash in East Boston involving a tanker truck continues to recover weeks after she made it out of the burning wreckage.

Sabrina Ouldzenagui, 25, suffered a number of third-degree burns as a result of the Oct. 18 crash that happened on Route 1A .

Speaking with 7NEWS by phone, the Revere-native described the moments after her vehicle collided with a tanker carrying 8,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

“My left arm was just on fire and I looked around me and I was just surrounded by fire everywhere,” Ouldzenagui said. “That was a miracle that I was able to get out of that alive.”

Ouldzenagui said she had been heading home from work when the crash happened around 3 a.m., leaving her with extensive burns across her body as seen in images she shared with the news station.

She said it was the truck driver who first ran over to help.

“I remember the truck driver, he actually came over to my door and he was like ‘We’ve got to get you out of this car – it’s going to explode,” she said. “I was panicking – I thought I was dreaming.”

The front doors of Ouldzenagui’s car were already melted shut at the time, leading to the 25-year-old crawling into the back of her vehicle and through a backdoor, all while on fire.

“I was so in shock that, while I was burning, I kind of just sat down instead of stop, dropping and rolling or trying to put the fire out – I kind of let myself burn,” she said.

The truck driver soon covered Sabrina with his jacket before she was taken to MGH to be treated for third-degree burns on her arm, head and fingers.

“I remember the first week that I was in the hospital, I kept crying to my mom – the pain was just so bad, I was like ‘Why did I not die in the accident?,'” she said. “I wish I would have just been dead because the suffering just felt worse than death.”

Three surgeries were performed on Ouldzenagui, including a skin graft. Now at home, her recovery continues, with Sabrina wishing to thank all who helped save her.

“Everyone that participated in helping me and saving me, I just want to thank all of them for that, even God, I want to thank God for even saving me – I feel like if I was alone, I would not be alive today,” she said.

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