Two brothers are sharing the story of the unimaginable horror they experienced during an Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack on a festival in Israel in the hopes of helping other survivors.

Daniel and Neria Sharabi were there when Hamas attacked hundreds of innocent festivalgoers, turning what should have been a celebration of music into a massacre.

Daniel said, “Rockets start to fall beside us and people start to drive like crazy. And we decide to stay a little bit. Because it’ stooging much traffic when 5,000 people leave the area.”

Daniel, a former Israeli combat medic, and Neria, a former soldier, stayed behind to help the wounded, trapped among the chaos as it was unfolding. They were separated from their friend, 24-year-old Yosef Ohana, who is still being held hostage.

“Terrorist RPG rockets, dozens of bullets in a minute. You’re running and jumping from cover to cover for one hour we were running like this,” he recalled.

After running from gunfire, the men came across an IDF tank, and found that the soldier inside was already dead.

For the next six hours, the men said they fought back until rallying at a nearby police station.

Now in the United States, they’re raising money for an organization they started. “For the Survivors and the Wounded” was founded to help survivors heal physically and emotionally through therapy and community retreats.

“So we decided to do something to help those people because this is our way to help too ourselves,” Neria said.

Learn more about the organization or make a donation

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