Bullet holes in an SUV are the reminders of a frightening incident for a Brockton mother and son who took a wrong turn in Boston Tuesday evening. Their car was hit three times from apparent stray bullets.

Amber Castaneda says she took a wrong turn while heading to KFC and ended up on Geneva Avenue in Dorchester.

One of the shots narrowly missed her son’s head from the back.

"Sick to my stomach, my knees felt like Jello," said Castaneda. "The officer said if he was two inches taller, it would have took his head off."

The shot kept going through the SUV and then barely missed Amber’s face. 

Castaneda said the only sound she heard was from the loud noise from outside.

Her 6 year old son Jaxson is too young to really understand but knew enough to tell his mom "let’s get out of here" when he saw the roof of the car fall onto him after the bullets shredded it.

"I saw the roof, the thing come down," said Jaxson.

Amber said she’s glad she and Jaxson  can do something as simple as make dinner together.

"I felt that God’s hands were over my head," said Castaneda.

Witness saw a man run from the area. Police have yet to make any arrests.

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