AYER, MASS. (WHDH) - A police sergeant, town manager, and a retired firefighter worked together to safely remove a swarm of bees from a building in Ayer on Wednesday.

Sgt. Andrew Kularski noticed a large, dark-colored blob flying around 81 Central Ave. and immediately recognized it as a swarm of honey bees because he raises bees as a hobby, according to Ayer police.

He spoke with the staff at the location to tell them about the swarm and learned that a contractor doing work on the property had gotten stung a little while before.

The contractor allegedly had sprayed the area to rid it of bees, which then started to swarm to another section of the roof.

Kularski called Ayer Town Manager Robert Pontbriand, who also keeps bees as a hobby, for help in removing the swarm.

Pontbriand responded and had Retired Ayer Call Firefighter Rick Ressijac come to the scene with equipment needed to lure the swarm into a hive for relocation.

Those who come upon a large swarm is asked to reach out to their local bee association or police so the bees can be removed without harming them.

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