SWAT team called in for standoff in Milton

MILTON, Mass. (WHDH) — Milton residents took pictures and home video of a SWAT team standoff that unfolded in their front yards.

“They were running through backyards, front yards, my yard. It was just overwhelming and pretty scary,” said Nick Zemeitus, who witnessed the standoff.

Police said they answered a call of a man with mental health issues and when they got to the front door the man threatened to shoot them. That started a six-hour standoff with police. More than a dozen nearby towns and residents were locked down or locked out of their homes.

“I just moved here two weeks ago, so it’s right there. I’m just trying to get to my house I guess,” said Kristie Crowley, who was kept from going to her house.

The SWAT team finally moved in and took out the man by force. He was carried out on a stretcher.

“He was just a nice, quiet guy. I mean, he’d always wave and say hi and he’d be sitting in the driveway by his man cave, just waving and saying hi, being a friendly neighbor,” said the suspect’s neighbor, Rachel Casini.

Police said they found seven guns inside the house. The man’s son told 7News it all started with a misunderstanding, but he’s glad his father is now getting the help he needs.

“They just tried to get him out peacefully. Finally they just rushed in and they got him outside luckily no one was hurt,” said Zemeitus.

There were no shots fired and there is no word on where the man is, or what charges he may face.