Sweating It Out

It’s been a see-saw summer: back and forth with the temperatures, humidity and rain. One day your suit is soaked in sweat, the next, you’re looking for a light jacket as you roam the streets on a pub crawl. Your lawn is either under water or in need of a good soaking.

So it goes with the next few days. We’re going from a raging beach day tomorrow to a curl-up-with-a-book day Thursday.

A sharp cool front is slicing through the Commonwealth tomorrow. Although that sounds like the recipe for severe weather, I’m divvying up the threat to those spots east and west of 495. Check out the map to the right to see what I mean. Certainly is a chance for a couple of gnarly storms to sneak up on Greater Boston, but the primary threat is where the storms hit will full force in Greater Worcester and Lawrence.

As the front plows into SE Mass, much of the energy will be expelled, and as a result, the storms should weaken. Still can’t rule out a renegade downpour all the way to the Cape late into the night.

Then the front stalls…and there goes Thursday. Coolish start in the low 70s, but as showers grow along the front, the numbers should dip into the upper 60s! We’ll come out of it by Friday with a fresh new airmass.

Long range forecast into the weekend is still a work in progress. Saturday looks bright, but the showers could come back on Sunday afternoon. We’re more certain on a wetter pattern next week as a pool of cool air parks itself across the Corn Belt, spawning batches of rain – and somewhat more humid air – across the Northeast.