An assessment: it’s been a snowy 10 day period. So much snow in fact, that we broke a record for the current stretch of big snowstorms. See the graphic to the right for the details. (I didn’t want to bury you in snow stats here in the blog.)

Have we neared the end of the line? Can we finally dig out with confidence and not have to make room for more? Translated: can we cheat on cleanup and hope Mother Nature takes care of the residual snow?

It seems so. For now, at least.

There another storm looming in the short term. It’s showing some teeth on one of our more reliable models in the Thursday timeframe. I’ll be blunt (no relation to LeGarrette) and say that we’re not believing it. Seems bogus and overdone…and it’s not because we’re wishcasting (hoping it won’t snow again). I’ll leave it at that.

Now about the cold.

Bitter air settles in for the night and carries into the morning hours. Truthfully, I’m glad the Mayor and Co. postponed the fun and festivities. It would have been VERY cold with temps in the 10s tomorrow. Now that we’re turning to Wednesday, the forecast gets a bit milder all around! Highs will approach the low 30s as the wind turns to the southwest.

Soak it in, because the cold will come slapping back down Thursday and Thursday night. And in the long range, the cold has the upper hand…so don’t expect those snowbanks to shrivel and fade.

After all this storm coverage, we are starting to fade, so I’ll leave it at that.

Way to go Pats!! Thanks for finishing the job!!!


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